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Post by C2 on Mon 18 Aug 2014, 23:33

Hi Elite members

I understand that talking about this is particularly daunting however, I have been forced to archive certain topics into an 'Archived' section for old topics that make no sense in the introductions section whatsoever.

The introductions section is a section whereby newly registered users introduce themselves so that we may get to know them a little bit better. In your introduction, one must refrain from posting off topic discussions in their threads, it's natural that one will post about what they like dislike and whatnot, however please remember to keep it to the point.  Once they do make their introductions, then they can proceed to write about their own topics in their relevant categories, and of course if they do not find any, they should highlight this in the feedback section or contact an admin directly about it.

Those of you caught doing otherwise, will have their threads automatically moved to the 'archived' forum and/or receive a PM to let you know about this.

Thank you very much for reading this and the co-operation



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