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Post by C2 on Mon 09 Jun 2014, 14:50

So Elite members,

This forum is still undergoing changes, updates and whatever needs to be done to it, in the meantime though I thought it would be nice, if I would put out an introductory note, giving you a small idea of who I am, and why I am on this forum Razz

I am 23 years old and female. I am on this forum basically because I've wanted to create a place where users can argue and banter with each other about various topics and arguments about pretty much everything. As the administrator and owner of this forum of course I am set about on increasing the forum's performance and to help new users around here to get acquainted with the place.
Personal interests...that must be, reading, writing, listening to music, engaging in hot topics and discussions about pretty much everything, information technology ( no I'm not a gamer and I'll never be), psychology, the English language and a couple more things. I'm friendly and sociable, disciplined, strongly opinioned about certain views and ideas. I don't tolerate much nonsense and unproductive dialogue. I am a strategist and never learnt chess well enough!! Sad No one would teach me! But I'm still a strategist in most of my thoughts and ideas.

Well, you can approach me with difficulties, queries about pretty much anything and as for the rest, I do hope you will enjoy your stay here, and tell us how we can further improve the community to aid in it's advancement.

See you all around

also known as Meryl Razz


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